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Autor [EN] [ES] [IT] [DE] [FR] [NL] [RU] Tópico: Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista  (Lida 11729 vezes)

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Offline José Costa

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Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista
« em: 22 / Dez / 2006, 18:15 »

Para os amantes de plug-Ins (que fazem sempre jeito) aqui vai uma lista deles para o Adobe After Effects. Alguns deles são compativeis com outros softwares. No entanto, todos estes correm no After Effects. Alguns são disponibilizados como Trial, outros não.

Têm o nome da empresa, do software, uma pequena descrição, e o link do site.
Para outros Softwares de edição, procurar no tópico correspondente (Se ainda não foi colocádo, vou colocar, assim que puder). Bom proveito.

Products: boujou 4; boujou bullet 2; SteadyMove; SteadyMove Pro
Summary: Automatic camera tracking and video stabilizers

Products: proFX
Summary: Particle and other special effects

Algolith Software
Products: AlgoSuite, AlgoShop
Summary: Format conversion, time warp and noise reduction tools for SD, HD, film

Product: Maya Paint Effects
Summary: Variety of paint strokes that can move along Bezier or motion path

Alien Skin
Products: Eye Candy 5 for After Effects
Summary: Package of textures, distortions and other effects; users can install the full version of Eye Candy for After Effects on an unlimited number of render-only machines for no charge.

Products: MaP | Time 1.5
Summary: Video filter design

Automatic Duck
Products: Pro Import AE 3.0 (for AE 7), Pro Import FCP 2.01, Pro Export FCP 3.04, Pro Import CMB
Summary: Import timelines and compositions from a variety of editing and compositing packages into AE, Avid, FCP, Combustion; export comps from FCP into Avid

Avidion Media
Product: Avidion Synchronize
Summary: Synchronize audio with any aspect of AE project

Belle Nuit
Products: Mimikri, Subtitler, MacMediaSift
Summary: Conform, in HD, color corrections made in SD (Mimikri)
www.belle-nuit.com; www.mimikri.ch

Product: FilmFX 2.5
Summary: Match film and video footage with film textures, color curves, gamma controls

Boris FX, Inc.
Products: Boris FX 9.0, Continuum Basics, Continuum Complete, Final Effects Complete, Graffiti 5.0, RED 4, BLUE, Title Toolkit
Summary: Compositing, titling and effects plug-ins for multiple NLEs and compositing packages

Products: Au Naturel, Depth Cue, Dissolve Factory, Effect Essentials, Swatch Buckler, AEFlame
Summary: Range of plugs for working in RGB color space, adding depth to 3D layers and UI tools to host software

Products: Conoa 3D 1.9, EasyFX, EasyShapes, EasyTinter
Summary: Range of effects from cartoon styles to geometric shapes

Product: Cycore FX, Cycore FX HD
Summary: Single add-on version of blur and distortion effects offers fast rendering with 16-bit multiprocessing (Cycore FX now bundled with AE 7)

Darkling Simulations
Product: DIN
Summary: Procedural noise tool for making fire, force fields and transitions

Product: Aurorix3, Beserk2, CineLook2, CineMotion, Delirium, Fantazm
Summary: Range of tools for creating blurs, distortions, film look and unique PIXXY effects that sync with music

Product: Fractal Flow
Summary: Distortions and wave effects based on fractal geometry

Digital Anarchy
Products: 3D Assistants, 3D Layer, Anarchy Toolbox, Color Theory, Data Animator 1.1, Geomany, Gradient!, Knoll Spark Pack 3.0, Microcosm 1.2, Psunami Water 1.2, ReSizer 2.1, Text Anarchy
Summary: Broad range of AE plugs that create effects but also offer quick fixes to common problems like animating charts and graphs

Digital Element
Product: Aurora Sky, Aurora Water
Summary: Create natural environments with sky, clouds and water, without a 3D program

Digital Film Tools
Products: 55mm, Digital Film Lab, Super Bundle AVX, Filter Bundle AVX, Keyer Bundle AVX, Composite Suite, zMatte (Apple Shake only)
Summary: Simulate optical filters, lenses, photographic looks, fire, smoke, blur, etc.

Digital Trove
Product: Prime 4
Summary: Effects suite built on modular architecture for creating complex effects

Products: dvMatte Pro 1.5, dvMatte Blast, Conduit (Motion only), Surfacing Series
Summary: A fast and easy way to key digital DV, HD or DigiBeta

Evans & Sutherland
Product: Digistar 3 Virtual Projector
Summary: Create images with synchronized audio in AE for planetarium dome projections without Digistar scripting

Products: Bikini Dots 2.0, Grader, Supressor, XMULT
Summary: Stroke renderer, dot matrix generator and color suppression tools

Products: Power Picker, Ubercolor
Summary: Interactive color picker and monitor-native color conversion; other great freeware, such as complete TIFF support in AE, is also available

The Foundry
Products: Furnace, Keylight, Tinderbox 1 – 4, Anvil, Tinder
Summary: Sophisticated tools to remove camera shake, create keys and add sky, light rays, fire, sparks, glows and more
www.thefoundry.co.uk; www.toolfarm.com

Product: ZbornToy, Flair, Lensfeed, Lensflare
Summary: Lovely radial blurs and volumetric tools, plus post tools that create depth of field

Products: Sapphire Plug-ins
Summary: Deep and varied range of lighting, glow, paint, blur, warp and film effects

GridIron Software
Product: Nucleo Pro 1.0.1 (X-Factor recently discontinued)
Summary: Render and work simultaneously, even faster on multi-core or dual processor workstations

Products: Layer Splitter, Scopo Gigio
Summary: Tools for separating Photoshop files into individual layers and a software waveform monitor and vectorscope for AE

Noise Industries
Products: FactoryTools Basic, FactoryTools Pro 1.0.4, FxFactory
Summary: High-end GPU-accelerated effects

Products: Copy Image, Erodilation, Inverse Telecine, Milky Way 1.1
Summary: Tools for pasting images, removing 3:2 pulldown and rendering animated images from audio tracks

On2 Technologies
Product: Flix Exporter 8 for Flash 8
Summary: Pro-quality FLV and SWF video output; also supports Autodesk Media Cleaner, Canopus Pro Coder (Flash 8 video only), QuickTime Pro, and Apple Compressor

Products: AnimaText 3D, AnimaText, Area FC, Array AE, Curtains, Custom Speed, Engraver, Figure, Panopticum Fire, Panopticum Grid, Panopticum Tools, Panopticum Rulers, Panopticum Water, Plug-in Galaxy, Ice Pattern Lens Pro, Rich Typing
Summary: Plugs and filters that do a “little bit of everything”

Products: Arkan B-Spline Transfer, PatchMaker
Summary: Convert raster mask borders into B-splines; tracking for intraframe editing and layering

Pixélan Software
Products: CreatEase, SpiceMASTER Pro 2.5,Video SpiceRack Pro/OrganicFX
Summary: Custom transitions, organic effects and editing workflow boosts

Pixel Farm
Products: PFBarrel, PRStable, PFPlate, PFBlur, PFRetime
Summary: Tools to eliminate lens distortions, shaky camera moves, add blur and stitch and retime footage

Plausible Impossible
Products: Normality, Reality
Summary: Plug-ins to light 3D scenes within AE

The Plugin Site
Products: Harry’s Filters, Plugin Galaxy 1.50, Plugin Commander 1.60
Summary: Inexpensive ripple, distortion, warping and noise filters

Profound Effects
Products: Bullnose Mask, CameraPOV, Crop, Elastic Gasket 2.0, GakPak 2.0, Reveal 1.2, Swim 1.1, Useful Assistants 1.7
Summary: Wide range of popular filters and effects plugs, plus the popular Elastic Gasket that lets you run other AE plug-ins inside of Avid editors

Products: Retimer SD, Retimer HD, MatchMover HD 4
Summary: Time-warping, image stitching, panoramas, 3D tracking tools

Red Giant Software
Products: eLin 1.0, Composite Wizard 1.2, Film Fix 1.0. Image Lounge 1.2, Instant HD 1.0, Key Correct Pro 1.0, Magic Bullet for Editors 2.0, Magic Bullet Suite 2.1, Knoll Light Factory 2.5, Knoll Unmult, Primatte Keyer 3.0, Primatte Plug-In Pack;Trapcode (3D Stroke, Echospace, Lux, Particular, Shine, Sound Keys, Starglow)
Summary: Range of filters and workflow plug-ins from the famous Knoll flares to Trapcode, now exclusively distributed by Red Giant

RE:Vision Effects
Products: FieldsKit, RE:Fill, RE:Flex, RE:Map, ReelSmart Motion Blur, Shape/Shade, SmoothKit, Twixtor, Video Gogh
Summary: Morphs and mapping tools

Products: Mattenee (developed by The Pixel Farm)
Summary: Keying plugs that works with the Chromatte screen

Sakurai Optical Lab
Products: Cinema Focus, Final Focus 2.0, Iris Filter 5.6
Summary: Tools for creating in-camera features in post, such as depth-of-field

Silhouette FX
Products: Silhouette Paint 2.2, Silhouette Roto 2.0
Summary: HDRI paint and roto tools

Products: MovingParts, MovingChart, MovingPicture (also available as standalone)
Summary: Plug-ins for animating images and effects over video and for smooth pans and zooms on all those historical still photos

Synthetic Aperture
Products: Echo Fire, Color Finesse 2.1, Test Gear 1.1, Test Pattern Maker
Summary: Tools for finely manipulating color beyond most built-in color correction and getting accurate video previews

Product: Commotion RotoImport
Summary: Imports rotosplines from legacy Commotion apps into AE

Topaz Labs
Product: Topaz Enhance, Topaz Moment, Topaz Moment PE
Summary: Set of plug-ins that enhance and eliminate noise and artifacts in video footage and capture still frames

Product: AvantEdge
Summary: Lets you pull keys from your greenscreen footage

Video Copilot
Product: Film Magic Pro
Summary: Cinema-style presets and transitions that work at any framerate, including 24p

Product: Virtix Effects
Summary: Suite of unique filters like Bubbles and One Color, which isolates a single color in a scene and sets the rest to black and white

Visual Infinity
Product: Grain Surgery
Summary: Remove noise, artifacts and graininess without losing sharpness

Products: Video Filters Basic, Video Filters Pro, PreWash DV
Summary: Choose from a one-layer basic version or a robust suite of effects and reference tools

Vivid FX
Product: BumpMapper 1.0
Summary: Bump out the edges of your video layer into textural art in relief

Products: Super Histogram (free), SW Effects, WalkerFX Plug-Ins (Basic, Designer and Professional)
Summary: Sophisticated compositing tools

Product: Paint Alchemy
Summary: Transform video into painterly images with 100 brushstroke effects and styles


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tiago santos

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Re: Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista
« Responder #1 em: 22 / Abr / 2009, 18:31 »

essa lista é compatível com o cs3?
é que andei à procura no site da adobe a lista de plugins para o cs3 e nao consigo encontrar.
se for possível uma ajudinha agradecia..


Offline José Costa

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Re: Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista
« Responder #2 em: 22 / Abr / 2009, 20:38 »
A lista foi feita em Dezembro de 2006. Creio que nesse dia tinha-me levantado, tropecei e bati com a cabeça na parede. Juizos...  ](*,) Como já se passou quase 2 anos e meio, é natural que alguns não sejam compativeis com o CS3 e outros desapareceram. Outros surgiram entretanto. Terá de verificar a compatibilidade com o software.

Pode ser que num destes dias volte a tropeçar... Desculpem, vou á farmácia!  :-({|=
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Offline MPPais

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Re: Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista
« Responder #3 em: 25 / Jun / 2014, 16:54 »
Neat Video 3.5 para After Effects CC 2014:


Offline Luís Filipe Bispo

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Re: Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista
« Responder #4 em: 26 / Jul / 2014, 00:55 »
A Adobe (AE) tem uma página actualizada dos Plug-ins disponíveis.

Contudo, é importante sublinhar que o AE já uma super ferramenta (tipo super herói da pós-produção de vídeo/grafismo :lol:), ou seja, não são os plug-ins que resolvem tudo, é comum entre iniciantes pensar isso.

Designer at Bloom Graphics | SIC

Offline MPPais

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Re: Plug-Ins After Effects - Lista;NeatVideo
« Responder #5 em: 02 / Dez / 2015, 19:10 »
O NeatVideo foi agora atualizado para a versão 4.1
Lista completa da sua compatibilidade: